My Nigeria

Well, Blog.

It has been quite a while. I’d make an excuse about how I’ve been swamped with work, but it has been a few months now.

I’ll launch right into my newest work. I conceived the idea for this at gym whilst listening to some news report on some incident in Nigeria. Whilst listening to the tragedy being narrated on the news, I found it jarringly difficult to reconcile the of idea of My Nigeria with the Nigeria being put forth before me.


My Nigeria

Krrr – krrr – krr-krr

Rolling tyres kick up copper-coloured balls of Nigerian dust outside the front gates.

Laughter resounds as lanky children run alongside them.

Nascar’s got nothing on this.

Na so! Ha – na wa o. You don’t mean am!!!

An evening walk from the market produces the juiciest of gossip.

Who’s to say Ijeoma did not, in fact, sleep with Adanna’s husband?

The rumours a simple smile between two can start.


We soon learn that goats do not enjoy having rocks thrown at them.

No need to run too far, look, that rope ties it to the tree.


She hawkishly flaunts jewel-coloured loaves under a dwindling harmattan sun.

Glistening yellow peeks from under crinkly wrapping paper.

We’ll tear into the Agege like we’ve never eaten before.

Kruuoop – Kruuuoop – Kruuuoop

Evening already?

The orchestra of owls has ventured out to sing us to sleep.

Better turn the gen on – E no go good for NEPA o.

Punch the pillows, dust off the blanket

Shift kwanu, you want the covers just for only you?

Lekwa, what does that shadow there look like?

We’ll play games in the dark –

Darkness intermittently destroyed by Nigerian light.

We’ll breathe Nigerian air under a Nigerian Moon.

We’ll drift off into sleep.

For this, all of this, is our Nigeria.






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