And So I Started A Blog

Vlogging was just not my forte.

The idea of keeping diaries has never particularly appealed to me, despite the many times my mother dearest has tried to convince me to start writing.

I enjoy reading. Very much so, actually. But the fact that I like to curl up under a throw, with a ‘hug in a mug’ (substitute for almost any type of tea here) and a good book does not mean I’m destined to be the next Poe or Jonasson. Hence, the vlogging venture. I decided not to wade out into strange waters alone, and so I had a friend to help me create the next vlogging channel of the decade. We grabbed a camera, thought of a catchy name, and decided to vlog about natural hair.

And so I started a vlog.

Fast-forward about a month later, and the vlog was flopping pitifully. We had less than 50 views in the space of one month, and at least 40 of those views were from personal friends and family. We realised the vlogging industry was too difficult to break into.

Looking back now I can see that I went into that vlogging venture with my mind in the wrong perspective. I was in it for the fame and possible recognition in the streets. When that didn’t happen immediately, my interest fizzled out. It’s been a few months, and I now feel the need to have a space to create. Not particularly for recipes, fashion, or natural hair care posts. Simply to create.

And so I started a blog.


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